Charlotte Flair Explains How Does She Feel Working In WWE During COVID-19

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
Charlotte Flair Explains How Does She Feel Working In WWE During COVID-19
The 10-time Women's Champion and Wooing the WWE Universe with her beauty and athleticism, Charlotte joined Sports Hiatus to talk about the WWE talent, her future staying in WWE and how does she feel to be in WWE during the crisis time.

When asked by Seth Everett, "touching these people She is throwing these people She is doing things with these people and this is in covert time and She doesn't know everything they've been doing you don't know where they've been going her DUI. How does that all work? And how did she feel in the actual competition?

Charlotte Flair explained, "to be honest, I would I was never nervous because I never felt WWE, whatever put me in a position that I wasn't staying like I've never not felt safe whether it was traveling around the world in different countries or in the states or whether it's competing during these difficult times. I've never not felt safe".

"I mean everyone backstage was taking precautions for we have been taking precautions. and so thinking of like the camera crew that surrounds the ring as I'm performing there that got the guy that are you know behind the main camera that are in the stage trucks. I mean everyone is there as a whole to protect each other so I never didn't feel safe, especially with my performance because as a performer like you said in a physical dance if my partner knows that I'm nervous. I'm not doing my job".

"I have to be a hundred and five percent invested in what I'm doing. I can't be nervous or any second or I'm even putting my opponent at risk to be hurt if I didn't feel safe so know we're there were there others that did though we're there other. I mean and maybe John, you know this, you know, maybe Charlotte they didn't tell you personally, but where there are other people that came, you know came and said I'm not sure about this. I don't know to should everybody be tested more often and we're tests readily available all of those potential pitfalls".

"Everyone has the option to say no. I don't think one person would be there if they didn't want to perform or be involved in the shows that are being recorded at the formats that are everyone has the option to say. No, I think everyone was just excited to be able to perform during you know, these times like think about it. We are the only sport that's creating content right now. We're going live and to be able to be a part of that and to be able to perform and give people those few hours to get away from everything that's going on in the world. I would want to be a part of that by having something to say that I was just sitting at home that I was nervous".

No, I would take the chance to be out there to give back to being able to provide that little happiness that people in those Monday nights are Friday nights. It's like I did this campaign for the active nurses and doctors on the front line because they're really the true heroes that are putting themselves course at risk dealing with people who are sick. So to know that they're doing that for us. I want to be able to do that for them if I can provide entertainment"

"Those are the true heroes if I could just be a guy like half of what they are to be able to perform for everyone around the world. Then I wouldn't absolutely not"

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