Charlotte Flair Possibly Defends NXT Title In A Fatal 4-Way Match

Jitendra Jangir Thu May 07, 2020
Charlotte Flair Possibly Defends NXT Title In A Fatal 4-Way Match
The Nightmare Rhea Ripley is back in action!!.

Tonight On NXT Rhea Ripley made her way out in the ring just straight after she lost her NXT Women's title to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania part 2. Tonight's NXT episode featured the NXT Championship match between Charlotte Flair(c) and Io Shirai During the match process Flair was disqualified after using a kendo stick and they both picked up the riot the outside of the ring. Charlotte Flair continued her destructive possession on Io Shirai until we witnessed the appearance of Rhea Ripley and she went on to grab Charlotte Flair, apparently making the save.

Rhea Ripley got Charlotte Flair back into the ring but Charlotte Flair retreated with the title. After the intense brawl, Rhea Ripley was seen backstage for an interview where she revealed that that was just one night, she would like to see Flair do it again. Meanwhile, Io Shirai cut off Rhea Ripley and they both sprouted with a fight. The referees came in to save the fight.

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Now, it is believed that Charlotte Flair would possibly defend her title in a Fatal 4-Way match against Liv Morgan, Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai at MITB. Previously Liv Morgan fought off against Charlotte Flair at Raw. Liv Morgan gave Charlotte an intense collision but finally went on to lose the match. Liv Morgan could be the one to include in Fatal 4-Way match at MITB.

Charotte FLair also took to her twitter to make the announcement to defend her title again.

"Tough loss, but don’t worry, I think I will somehow be ok. p.s. NXT girls: You will get this belt back when I decide I am done here and hand it back to Hunter- and not a second before". Charlotte Flair tweeted this.

In a another tweet Charlotte said "I don’t leave many matches thinking ‘wow, I need to keep getting better’. Tonight was one of those. Until we meet again Princess @shirai_io".

Later, Rhea Ripley would respond Charlotte calling her a "spoiled brat"

"Aww... this is cute. 1- The champion will call it whatever she decides to call it. 2- Are you still having “nightmares” about Wrestlemania? You will have plenty of time to think about your mistakes at the back of the line. Good luck!" said Charlotte Flair.

Belwo are some tweets that make you believe.

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