Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka Makes The Huge Impact On The Fans

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 09, 2020
Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka Makes The Huge Impact On The Fans
We may like to call this match as the main event of the show. It was a huge leftover impression on the fans the way they both fought off all through. A classic showdown was showcased by Asuka but she could not snatch the victory as Nia Jax brought abstruse for her.

Asuka made her way up to the ring to face off The Queen Charlotte Flair. The music hit and we welcomed Charlotte into the ring.

The Bail rang but suddenly, Sasha Banks and Bayley abrupted them to join the commentary box. The match kicked off, Charlotte FLair with right hand to Asuka to take her down, Charlotte FLair running rough Asuka into the turnbuckle, Charlotte with big boot Asuka and dragged her from the ring to make her out, Charlotte Sent Asuka into the commentary box.

Commercial Break**

Back from the break, Charlotte Flair and Asuka were fighting outside of the ring, Asuka took Charlotte back to the ring, a cover by Asuka, Charlotte Flair broke it up and landed some hits on her, Charlotte Flair caught Asuka's both hands and stretched her while Charlotte with her leg on her back, Charlotte with knee sticks and sent her out of the ring, Charlotte Flair tired to dash her down but this time, Asuka would catch her for the destruction and had hit attack to take down Charlotte, It went for a little for Asuka as Charlotte controlled her again, She took Asuka back to the ring.

A big close line and went for the cover but Asuka kicked out at two. She sent Asuka out of the ring. Charlotte Flair flaunted herself in the middle of the ring, Asuka got up but once again Charlotte with a leg kick to dash her down again.

Charlotte Flair followed Asuka, gut this time Asuka with a big hand to ambush her. Asuka back to the ring running shots to Charlotte Flair, Suddenly, we saw The IIconics coming out of nowhere to have taken down Bayley and Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair stood tall watching them from the ring.

Commercial Break**

Back from the break, Charlotte Flair fighting at the middle, Charlotte Flair with a roll-on Asuka but instead Asuka would have Submission lock, Charlotte put herself out, Charlotte Flair with Suplex for the cover but kicked out at two. Charlotte taking some shots alongside the rope, Charlotte Flair with a lock, Asuka struggled to make herself out of the lock, but Charlotte with a knee stick to take her down again, Charlotte ran through her belly. Asuka suddenly turned savage but that for too while, Charlotte once again with a big hand, Asuka top rope with a dropkick and then back to back hip attacks to take Charlotte Flair out of the ring, Asuka followed her back whereby.

Charlotte caught Asuka for the spine first to the apron, they fought at the edge of the apron with a big boot to take down Asuka, Charlotte brought Asuka back to the ring, she caught Asuka's leg and landed her into the ring rope for the injury, Asuka somehow escaped from there, but she would get an immediate big boot from Charlotte, she went for the cover but kicked out at two, Charlotte Flair went for the Spear but Charlotte FLair knee up to make the knee stick. She went for the cover at two counts, Charlotte Flair with Spear but once again Asuka at two giving shock to Charlotte FLair, She took Asuka into the turnbuckle for the damages, Asuka with a big boot, Nia Jax interrupted Asuka coming out of nowhere.

Asuka sent Nia Jax on the ground with a hip attack but Charlotte Flair with a big boot as she turned back, Charlotte with cover to win the match.

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