Chris Jericho Calls Aubrey Edwards A Worst Referee

Jitendra Jangir Mon May 25, 2020
Chris Jericho Calls Aubrey Edwards A Worst Referee
The Co-host of AEW Unrestricted Project coordinator and the professional AEW female referee that referred the same night in Stadium Stampede match is called under the spotlight by Chris Jericho.

As per the view Stadium Stampede match included 4 referees of total in which Aubrey Edwards the referee to make the 3 counts and let The Elite win the match.

During the match we saw Chris Jericho and Aubrey Edwards turning into a trash talk when Chris Jericho made a question that "I am challenging the play and I wanna see a replay". As you can see it below in the tweet.

In Stadium Stamepade match Justin Roberts was there to introduce both the teams, they made their appearances like football players typically do with jerseys on.

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