Christian Returns To Raw With Edge As The Special Guest For The Peep Show

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 09, 2020
Christian Returns To Raw With Edge As The Special Guest For The Peep Show
We were backstage with Randy Orton who made us believe that there could be two guests at Peep show tonight on Raw.

We turned our eyes towards the ring with Christian walking towards the ring for "Peep show".

Christain welcomed Edge in the ring, the mic hit and Edge emerged at the show.

Edge and Christain sit for the straight talk. They both had hot exchange during the interview. Christian, he is very excited for Edge's recent return but to be honest, he thinks Edge is running on fumes. Edge had a surprising look at Christian. Christian said the greatest wrestling match ever, he doesn't even think Edge could pull off in his prime.

He said these are some lofty expectations and Edge is lying to himself if he thinks he can deliver on that. He thinks Edge is buckling under the pressure. Edge says pardon him if this Edge feels a bit different or has some self-doubt. Edge said This isn't the same Edge that used to look in Christian's face to help him when he doubted himself before going out for their matches.

They both stood up, Christian said he knew someone who used to be there for Edge and believe in him - his late mother. She was there for all your big matches and she'll be here for this one even if you think she's not.

"If Edge isn't going to show up at #WWEBacklash, then step through these ropes, and go home right now!" Edge continued to stare him down.

Christian said they believe in Edge, they think he can do it, they think he can have the greatest wrestling match ever.

Randy Orton also joined them from the big screen. Orton said the redemption of Edge is over this Sunday at Backlash. Edge said no, it's not!!! and he dropped the mic to make his way out of the ring.

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Image Credit: WWE

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