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Cody Introduces The New Deign Of TNT Title

Updated On: Thu Aug 13, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Earlier, it was announced that AEW is going to have a design with TNT Championship that is currently captured by Cody Rhodes. August 12, will be the final date to introduce a designed TNT Championship on AEW.

On tonight's AEW Dynamite episode, Cody Rhodes revealed the new design for TNT Title. Earlier, Cody Rhodes also took to his twitter reply a fan who asked the date. Cody wrote, "August 12th(saw a nice video of the plates, very elegant)," Cody Rhodes wrote on Twitter.

You can observe the title below in the tweet. The Title name TNT includes golden elegant and same changes made with golden plates.

Cody took to his twitter and commented "I'm in love."

Cody had his TNT title to defend against Scorpio Sky tonight on AEW Dynamite episode. Next week Cody will once again defend his title against Brodie Lee.

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Cody Rhodes

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