Corey Graves Questions, WWE Universe Gets Tired Of Becky Lynch?

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 01, 2020
Corey Graves Questions, WWE Universe Gets Tired Of Becky Lynch?
Welcome to Anfostar_Cory Grave his know for his neglected at the latest Podcast After The Bell, Last day took something about Becky Lynch's relationship with WWE, where he said the WWE Universe is probably getting tired of The Man. He also added that She does not have that kind of attraction to pull off the fans as she had once in the past.

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He commenced questioning that: Here is the disclaimer: The words that are about to spill from my mouth, should not be taken out of context, Although he sure they will be woven into some sexy headline that makes him a bad guy and.. guesses what? He further went on to say that_He guesses that's what he signed up for. However, this past Sunday, in Houston, inside Minute maid Park, He was sitting ringside for the Raw Women's Championship match between Becky Lynch and Asuka.

Cory said that he has nothing negative to say about the match. It was a great match. Both women worked their A***off and created a truly memorable moment. It all came full circle. Long term storytelling The Man finally conquered the one rival she had not been able to in the past. No complaints whatsoever my observation is that once Becky Lunch's entrance music started to fade so did. the vocal crowd support. Not across the board, Becky definitely ad legions of fans that were there to support The Man, but it's what it once was and he is just playing devil's advocate.

He said it is his concern or just my observation, that may be the WWE Universe is beginning to tired of The Man, he is not saying but this is historically a common occurrence in WWE. He then mentioned serval Superstars to present the example_When someone reaches megastar status, as Becky Lynch ha over the past year-plus, people tire of them. Look no further than John Cena, then Roman Reigns.

More recently, Ronda Rousey, who was beloved when she arrived in WWE, but by the time WrestleMania came around, even before that, The WWE Universe was tired of The Baddest woman on the planet. And this other guy, it draws a pretty parallel to Seth Rollins. He added Becky is no longer the Underdog. Before she became The Man, everything that really propelled Becky to superstardom that she was not getting her just her dues.

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