Current Status On Former WWE Superstar Rusev

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 16, 2020
Current Status On Former WWE Superstar Rusev
It seems that Rusev is not playing the game for WWE anymore!!! The current rumors and the kind of reaction we have witnessed from Rusve is beholding to the direction of AEW. On April 15, 2020, he was released from his WWE contract as part of budget cuts stemming from the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.

Amidst the pandemic, you can see Rusev stream and play video games on Twitch and replying to the fans very wisely at some points, in fact, this is also the responsibility to unveil Rusev's status. Immediately after following his release from WWE, Ruve went through to strip off his name from Rusev to Miro.

The mixed tag team of Rusev and Morgan was defeated by Lana and Lashley in the January 20 episode of Raw. Rusev teamed with Humberto Carrillo in a loss to Lashley and Angel Garza on the February 17 episode of Raw. This would end up being Rusev's final appearance in WWE.

WWE came into the terms to release their back to back 19 superstars from WWE as it was earlier posted by WWE. First, we saw the release of Drake Maverick (James Curtin), Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers), Karl Anderson (Chad Allegra), EC3 (Michael Hutter) and Lio Rush (Lionel Green) and then it came out to be Kurt Angle, Luke Gallows (Drew Hankinson), Heath Slater (Heath Miller), Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz), and Aiden English. Later, we saw the shocking announcement including Rusev, Rowan (Joseph Ruud), Sarah Logan (Sarah Rowe), No Way Jose (Levis Valenzuela), Mike Chioda, Mike Kanellis (Mike Bennett), Maria Kanellis, and Zack Ryder.

Rusev was supposed to take his leave off earlier including and that was from Rusev who was pleading for his release from WWE.

Now, the affirmative speculations are that Ruve is dealing his contract with AEW and would possibly join it at the surprising point.

A fan called him the Bulgarian Brute! on twitter, Ruve immediately would go through his twitter "That’s a WWE name I can’t and won’t use. Meanwhile, contracting with AEW, Ruve would have his new name with new chapter.

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