DIWALI Celebrations, Word Origin, History 2022

Anfostar Team Sat Oct 15, 2022
DIWALI Celebrations, Word Origin, History 2022
Diwali Celebrations, Word Origin, History

Diwali is a festival of sights, sounds, arts, and tastes. In which variation is found according to the province.

In India, since ancient times, Deepawali is depicted as a festival after the summer harvest in the month of Kartik in Vikram Samvat. The mention of Diwali is found in Padma Purana and Skanda Purana.

These texts are believed to have been written in the second half of the first millennium by expanding a central text.

The diyas (lamps) are considered in the Skanda Purana to represent the parts of the Sun, the cosmic giver of light and energy for life and which changes its position in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. In some areas, Hindus also associate Diwali with the story of Koyam and Nachiketa. The story of Nachiketa which tells about right versus wrong, knowledge versus ignorance, true wealth versus momentary wealth etc.; It is written in the Upanishads in the first millennium BC.

The history of Diwali is also related to Ramayana, it is believed that Shri Ram Chandra ji had freed Mother Sita from the captivity of Ravana, and then returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years of exile after taking the ordeal of Mother Sita.

In honor of which the people of Ayodhya had lit lamps, since then the festival of Deepawali is celebrated. But you will be surprised to know that only 2 years Diwali was celebrated in Ayodhya.

In the 7th century Sanskrit play 'Nagananda', King Harsha called it 'Deepapratipadutsavah' in which lamps were lit and gifts were given to the bride and groom.

In the 9th century, Rajasekhara, in Kavyamimamsa, called it Deepmalika, in which houses were painted and houses, streets and markets were decorated at night with oil lamps. The Persian traveler and historian al-Biruni, in his 11th-century memoirs on India, refers to Diwali as a festival celebrated by Hindus on the day of the new moon in the month of Kartika.

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