Daniel Bryan Vs. Baron Corbin Full Recap, Nakamura And Cesaro Attacks Daniel Bryan

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 02, 2020
Daniel Bryan Vs. Baron Corbin Full Recap, Nakamura And Cesaro Attacks Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan battled Baron Corbin in order to revenge for what King Corbin did with Drew Gulak. Baron Cornin used a Ladder which led the match for disqualification victory for Daniel Bryan but soon after the victory Nakamura and Cesaro came behind to attack Daniel.

-Daniel Bryan Vs. Baron Corbin Full Recap.

We kicked the things off with the "yes" Daniel Bryan in the ring. He took the mic and said he is excited about this year's Money In The Bank Ladder match because it is gonna happen at WWE Headquarters but somewhere he is sad because his coach and the best friend Drew Gulaka could not join the MITB because of King Corbin, Nakamura and Cesaro. He then went on to call out King Corbin in the ring.

Baron Corbin entered the ring and he had some trash talk with Daniel Bryan and finally, he was in the ring to fight with Daniel. The Bail rang and Daniel with a stork at the leg of Baron, Daniel looked for another same stork at the back of the knee. Corbin looked to re-prepared against Daniel with submission but Daniel turned it one of his own. Daniel continued to have the stork on Baron's leg. Baron Corbin with a straight elbow at Daniel's jaw and then he took Daniel into the turnbuckle, they both had a brawl at the top of the turnbuckle and then Baron Corbin pushed Daniel out of the ring. He followed him back, where he sent Daniel into the barricade.

King Corbin was seizing everything for Daniel he landed some shots. Danie Bryan went to roll-up King Corbin twice but King Corbin broke it to land a big Closeline at the middle of the ring. Danie with a kick to the right Baron's face and went for the cover but kicked out at two, Daniel went for another two cover back to back but each time he had the break-out. Daniel sent King Corbin out of the ring and then followed him back whereby King Crobin landed a stork of Ladder at the face of Daniel which forced the rules to finish the match and Daniel was exposed to be the winner.

Winner : Daniel Bryan, victory followed by Disqualification

After the match King Crobin set-off the ladder into the ring and dragged Daniel in it but he instead locked by Daniel Bryan onto the Ladder. Suddenly Nakamura and Cesaro appeared in the ring to take out Daniel.

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