Daniel Bryan Vs. Drew Gulak Full Recap For IC Tournament On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 16, 2020
Daniel Bryan Vs. Drew Gulak Full Recap For IC Tournament On SmackDown
Daniel Bryan pinned Drew Gulak to win the First Round Of IC Tournament at SmackDown. WWE recently announced 4 matches for IC Tournament at SmackDown, Now, tow of them has taken place with Elias and Daniel Bryan as the winners. Next week we will look to find out the rest tow competitors. It will be AJ Styles Vs. Nakamura, plush Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus for IC Tournament.

Daniel Bryan entered the ring as of the fist against Drew Gulak, They have been the best in-ring friends. what will happen when they fight tonight on SmackDown. DanielBryan vs. his coach Drew Gulak in a 1st round match in the #ICTitle Tournament! was up.

They took a light battle shaking the hands at the beginning. Nice taking down by Drew Gulak and then a Drew lock. Daniel break out the lock. Danie with suplex twice on Drew. Nuckle lock by both the competitors. Daniel face-first out of the turnbuckle. We went for a commercial break.

We were back from the break, Drew Gulak with a beautiful Bally of the back on Daniel. Drew was held into the ankle lock, Daniel rolled up Drew out for the pin but Drew kicked at the two count. Drew with the back of the Daniel.

Drew tried to find out the win but Daniel would lead him for the German Suplex. Daniel went for the cover, but kicked out at two. They both went for rolling each other, Drew with Grew lock but Daniel stepped out of it. Daniel finally, had submission move to win the match.

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