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Daniel Cormier Officially Announces His Retirement From UFC

Updated On: Mon Aug 17, 2020 By Jitendra Jangir


Daniel Cormier, the former heavyweight and light heavyweight UFC champion, confirms that UFC 252 is likely the end of his Hall of Fame-worthy 10-year MMA career.

Stipe Miocic did a good job. He was able to clinch and hold Daniel Cormier againt the side of the Octagon for long periods of time. Three fights were held of these two players. The winner of the first fight was Daniel Cormier and the rest of the two fights was taken under the triumph by Stipe Miocic.

Daniel Cormier suffered a torn cornea last night, and No timetable yet for recovery. Doctors said he won’t need surgery just yet but they have to monitor how it heals before knowing for sure. He was discharged from the hospital late Saturday night.

Now, Daniel Cormier has officially confirmed his regiment from UFC via heat touching retirement message on Twitter.

"Thank you all for the love and support. Not what I wanted or expected but it is what it is. Congrats to @stipemiocic on a fantastic fight, was an honor and pleasure to share the octagon with you for 50 minutes. Boy did we give 'em a show everytime. To my team:1 love you all to death, you've made so many sacrifices. I hope I made you guys proud.

Salina and the kids: thank you for being my motivation. To all the fans: I love you so much. You guys push me to try and be great. To @danawhite and the @ufc: I have loved every minute. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Been a helluva ride, huh?," Daniel Cormier wrote this.

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