Donation according to Vedic texts.

Anfostar Team Wed Oct 12, 2022
Donation according to Vedic texts.
Donation according to Vedic texts.

According to the Vedic texts, after taking a bath at the time of donating, first smear the pure place with cow dung, then sit on it and give charity and after that give dakshina.

Where there are pilgrimages like Ganga etc., those places are said to be suitable for charity.

Cow, sesame, land and gold etc. should be donated at these places. Donating toys for children is said to be a special virtue. There is also a donation law for the peace of the planets.

Faith, satisfaction, devotion, knowledge, non-greed, forgiveness and truth are the seven qualities necessary for the giver.

To worship, to give a high position, to take the rise of the feet, to worship, to pay obeisance, to keep the mind, speech and body and food pure - the giver of these nine types of charity becomes a virtuous person.

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