Donation method.

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Donation method.
Donation method.

At the beginning of the main function, the bed is given to the scholars in "Dan" by the host. It is also to be known here that the teacher should be given double what is given to other scholars. After the bed, the main function begins with Mangalvadya and Mangalgeet.

While reciting Vedic mantras, all the scholars offer the host a Manglik bath.

Anantara Yajaman, wearing pure clothes and a garland, takes flowers in Anjali and makes three circumambulations of Libra.

Offering Anjali flowers to the deity, he takes the golden statue of Dharmaraja in his right hand and the Sun in his left hand.

Sits in Padmasana on the northern side of Libra facing east. He keeps looking at the statue of Vishnu installed in front of him. Scholars keep gold on the south side of Libra.

These gold pieces should be such that they are slightly more than the burden of the host. In this way, sitting on the balance for a few moments, the host comes down. The gold placed on the Libra is offered to the scholars.

From this gold, additional land, gems and dakshina should be given to the scholars. Thus a brief outline of Tuladan is shown here. Apart from this, Suvarnachal, Raupyachal and Dhanyachal are great donations and general donations which should be seen in the texts expounding the laws of charity.

Charity (from Jain point of view) In Jain texts, four types of charity have been described with the distinction of Patra, Sama and Anvaya.

The donation given to the characters, the charity given to the poor, compassion given to the co-religionists, etc. In both, donation of food, medicine, donation of religious instruments to sages and Vastidan for their stay are said to be the main ones.

The donation of knowledge and fearlessness are also counted among the best gifts.

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