Anfostar Team Wed Oct 12, 2022

The person to whom the donation is given is called the person of charity.

An ascetic, who knows the Vedas and Shastras and conducts himself according to the path prescribed in the scriptures, is the best deserving of charity.

Here the Guru has the first place. After this, eligibility is considered in the ratio of knowledge, qualities and age. Apart from this, Jamata, Dauhitra and Bhagineya are also good deserving of charity.

The donation given to a Brahmin is said to be threefold, to a Kshatriya triple, to a Vaishya double and to a Shudra is said to give normal results. The above eligibility has been calculated for special donations.

Apart from this, if you want to donate food and clothes, then there is no need to see the above eligibility for that.

The mere being ad-hoc, ill-fated and robed is said to be sufficient eligibility.

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