Drew Gulak Memorialized His Late Friend Danny Havoc During Title Match

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jul 04, 2020
Drew Gulak Memorialized His Late Friend Danny Havoc During Title Match
Drew Gulak just had a match against AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way he hoped to go.

In an exclusive interview with Sarah Schreiber, Drew Gulak reflects on his Intercontinental Championship opportunity and discusses his tribute to an old friend Danny Havoc.

Drwe started off saying that, "AJ before the match attacked Matt Riddle friend of mine. I thought I'd go out there and help them and get right to business clock me in the throat. That sucked. It hurts very bad, but I gave it my all I took it to him. He caught me at the end there and that was it. You know, I'm a little disappointed in myself. You know, I beat him one time. I know Brian was watching so Daniel when he's Watching like that".

He further went on to say that, "I know he's looking for techniques and openings and stuff. It's just I know what he would say In This Moment he be like Drew great job. You killed it out there. You took it to him. You beat it. I saw it and we just gotta train and get better. That's all it was going to say, but I don't know it today was special for me. It was my first time wrestling for the Intercontinental Championship, my first time to try on Smackdown and I made a little memorial for friend of mine Danny Havoc. Danny was someone who I trained with from day one and wrestling and I know like he if it wasn't for him. I probably wouldn't be here. I probably would have been as motivated, you know growing up in wrestling".

"It's not easy and sadly. I lost him a few weeks ago and I wanted to memorialize him a little bit. So I thought you know what better way than to go out there and fight for the Intercontinental Championship my friend Danny Havoc, so, you know Bitter sweet moment. I like to think I had not only made Daniel Bryan proud, but I made him[Danny Havoc] proud as well. And I can promise you I can promise everybody at home. This ain't the end. This is only going to make me stronger and more dangerous. I'm going to bring that fight in to whoever is the Intercontinental Champion if I get that chance again very soon".

As we know, Danny was an incredibly talented, intelligent, caring & genuine person.

He was also an elite performer that entertained a generation of fans & inspired a generation of aspiring performers.

Like those that passed before him, his legacy is secured by the memories that he bestowed upon us both as a wrestler and as a friend.

Game Changer Wrestling announced that the GCW and CZW wrestler Danny Havoc (Grant Berkland) has passed away at the age of 34.

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