Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles For IC Championship Full Match(July 3, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 05, 2020
Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles For IC Championship Full Match(July 3, 2020)
Matt Riddle stood tall at the top of the entrance, AJ Styles out of nowhere attacking Matt Riddle, Drew Gulak came for the same as we went for the commercial break.

Back into the ring with Drew Gulak Vs. AJ Styles match for IC Championship. They both set for the match as the bail rang, AJ Styles took Drew out of the ring and took some shots, they came back into the ring, AJ Styles was taking the complete control on Drew Gulak, Styles with a blow to Drew. AJ was just punishing Drew, AJ Styles with Suplex for the cover but kicked out at one. Daniel Bryan joined the commentary via Zoom call from his home, Dragon wipe to Drew Gulak. AJ Styles was just imposing his wish on Drew Gulak.

AJ Styles had Drew's left leg for the damages, Drew with some shots fighting back, AJ Styles rolled through as Drew Gulak caught AJ Styles with his jaw for the submission, AJ to the bottom rope break the submission, AJ Styles went out of the ring to have some relief. AJ Styles tried to follow the ring but this time Drew Gulak with a kick to take down AJ Styles. Drew Gulak called out AJ into the ring as we went for the break.

Back from the break, AJ Styles was back into the fight, AJ Styles with Headbutt and then a running backbreaker to Drew, AJ Styles took beam over his face. Drew Gulka once again back into the ring, Drew at the top of the apron as AJ Styles grabbed him, AJ with a takedown, Drew with a body shot and face first AJ Styles went into the top turnbuckle, Drew grabbed AJ and had a Drope kick.

Drew with back to back three Dropkicks and then had a cover, 1, 2, kicked out. Drew at the top of the ring post as AJ Styles also followed him. Drew took AJ down. AJ Styles suddenly with Styles' Clash, AJ dragging drew up to the top rope, AJ Styles with Phenomenal Foreheam for the cover to win the match.

Winner : AJ Styles, via pinfall

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Image Credit: WWE

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