Drew McIntyre And Bobby Lashley Ended Up With A Clash On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 26, 2020
Drew McIntyre And Bobby Lashley Ended Up With A Clash On Raw
Earler We were joined by MVP for VIP Lounge with the special guest Drew McIntyre, MVP called him a soon to be the former WWE Champion. The Mic hit and Drew walked down to the ring, Drew wiped out the chairs and every stuff from the ring so that he could fight with Bobby.

MVP cut it off with some talk. MVP said Bobby got the chance to have title shot after 13 years and that's because of him. Drew McIntyre took the mic and mentioned that he got to claim the title after 19 years. Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley walked down to the ring, he was going to enter the ring but before that Drew McIntyre took out MVP with a massive Claymore Kick. Bobby dragged MVP to take him back.

Backstage MVP and Bobby Lashley confronted The Street Profits which they ended up settling off a match. MVP and Bobby Lashley successfully defeated The Street Profits.

After the match, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre followed his way into the ring to face off Bobby Lashley, he entered the ring and ran rough on Bobby, Drew took down bobby and continued to blow him up with punches. Drew sent bobby following the top rope, Drew went to take him back into the ring but Bobby Lashley would have his immediate spear to take down Drew.

Bobby was at the top of Drew's chest running shots, this was enough for Bobby to take out Drew. Soon we saw Drew McIntyre turned him for the situation that he made at the beginning, Drew continued to have his punches landed, the official trainees came in order to split them up but Drew instead took them out. Some more trainees came up for the save but that was not too enough to make the save as he continued to do so.

This was the perfect way to lit up their matchup at WWE Backlash.

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