Drew McIntyre & R-Truth Vs. MVP & Bobby Lashley Full Recap(June 15, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
Drew McIntyre & R-Truth Vs. MVP & Bobby Lashley Full Recap(June 15, 2020)
Recently, interrupted Drew accepting MVP's challenge for the championship match, Drew got disagreed on it. but later, he got Drew more in trouble when he said only one championship is on the line tonight not his.

MVP & Bobby Lashley made their way up next, Drew McIntyre & R-Truth also followed the entrance. The announcer introduced them. The bail rang, Drew and Bobby Lashley kicked the things off with a hand lock, Drew pushed Bobby into the corner, they meet up for eye to eye contact, Drew with a big splash to take down Bobby Lashley.

Bobby turned the match to his side with some of this moves, Suddenly, Drew with Spinebuster to Bobby Lashley, for the cover but kicked out at two. Bobby somehow made the tag with MVP but could not harm Drew as he landed a big splash to MVP, Drew waited for Claymore kick but Truth from behind tapped on Drew's back making the tag. MVP with a sudden move to send Truth out of the ring. MVP let Bobby Lashley come in with a tag.

Commercial Break***

After the break, MVP was having shots on Truth, MVP turned the tag to Bobby Lashley, now, he was walking wild on Truth. MVP entered the ring with a tag, he went for the shots for a while, Truth with a sudden, Hip attack to MVP, Drew lit up for the tag and the Truth was able to make the ta with Drew McIntyre. MVP also made the tag with Bobby Lashley. Drew with a few punches, and sent him out of the ring.

MVP was in the ring whereby he got a Spinebuster from Drew, He went for the cover but Bobby Lashley interrupted the counter, Truth made the save but Bobby took him out, Bobby Lashley looked for the running shoulder, Truth ducked and let Bobby hit the stairs. In the ring, MVP with a quick roll-up but Drew instantly made his Claymore Kick for the cover, 1, but not Drew suddenly himself from the cover and let Truth take the opportunity to win the match. Truth atop the turnbuckle and jumped on MVP to win the match.

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