Drew McIntyre Vs. Murphy Full Match Recap, Drew McIntyre Catches Up Seth Rollins

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 05, 2020
Drew McIntyre Vs. Murphy Full Match Recap, Drew McIntyre Catches Up Seth Rollins
Last week Drew McIntyre had a collision of Claymore Kick on Murphy which enraged Murphy to take out Drew McIntyre. Tonight on Raw Murphy went one-on-one with Drew Murphy where he could not stand victorious despite the leadership from Seth Rollins.

Have a look below on the full lineup.

Drew McIntyre entered the ring to take on Murphy. The bail rang and we saw Murphy had elbow attack on Drew. Murphy got off the ring and went towards Seth Rollins who was right standing at the top of the entrance. Drew came from behind he landed a kick on Murphy's Jaw. Drew sent Murphy into the barricade twice and then took him near the ring whereby Murphy had some advantage to take out Drew with a massive shot but Drew was quick to counter back as he again sent Murphy into the barricade. They both came back into the ring. Murphy taking some shots on Drew and went for the cover but Drew broke the cover at once.

Drew took Murphy on the top of the turnbuckle whereby he tired to make Powerbomb but Murphy would turn to make his own Powerbomb to send Drew on the apron. Murphy went for the cover but he kicked out at once. Murphy looked to wear another move but this time Drew had a chance to land Claymore Kick on Murphy to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Seth Rollins proceeded toward the ring while Drew was still in the ring staring at Seth Rollins. Drew went up on his knee and called Seth Rollins to come in for the fight but Seth Rollins turned and went out the arena. Drew continued to celebrate the victory. Suddenly, Seth Rollins appeared from nowhere to land a Superkick on Drew. He then looked to have Stomp breaker but Drew would right get up to catch Seth from his throat and landed a Headbutt. Drew prepared to make out Claymore Kick but Seth Rollins rolled down from the ring. This is how Monday Night Raw take the leave off.

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