Edge And Booker T Reveals Their WrestleMania X8 Match And The Japanese Shampoo Angle

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jul 03, 2020
Edge And Booker T Reveals Their WrestleMania X8 Match And The Japanese Shampoo Angle
R-Rated Edge joined The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore where Edge and Booker T Talk Their WM X8 Match and the Japanese Shampoo Angle.

Booker T started off saying, "We go back a long way early 2000s numbers game with WWE and we had an epic match during the sky its kind of 70,000 they had sold out. But I don't know where I don't always wonder about that because I remember when Bruce Prichard first came to me with the angle".

"I don't know if he came to the same way. So now I got you[Edge] here. We can talk about it here for a second. It is WrestleMania. so, Bruce Prichard came to me and said Booker T Vs. Edge could be the huge match, How about a hair match? Look at my hair, [Booker shows his hair to Edge], so the first question for me to Bruce was is Edge cutting his hair?.

Booker T went on to ask Edge that How did they come to you[Edge] with this deal man?

Edge added, "So they came to me they said you have Booker Mania was like well hell, yeah, because that will that's how I love working Booker and to do it on that stage you kidding me my hometown 12 years after being in the audience for Wrestlemania 6".

"Yeah, because I know you and I can do together. then Brian Court said yeah, but we're thinking that having a base friend of shampoo endorsement. I went---Hold up, What can we pump the brakes there? Because if we wait what we're going to be fighting over a Japanese shampoo commercial?", Edge reacted.

"I wasn't at a point where I felt like I could say. Oh no, and it doesn't do a match where the best man's trying to win so it became what it became my FIT bite my kind of my favorite part was the fact that some guy is walking across going they're fighting over shampoo, I just busted our ass would like to like each other up to the point, Where one time Booker hit me and my toes felt electric. That's how hard we're releasing each other's like Wham who my toes are on fire. So I think the fact that we're fighting over shampoo is great job", Edge added.

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