Elias Wins The First Round Of IC Tournament Against Baron Corbin

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 16, 2020
Elias Wins The First Round Of IC Tournament Against Baron Corbin
Elias pinned Baron Corbin to win the First Round Of IC Tournament at SmackDown. Elias kicked the first round of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament to pick his fight against Baron Corbin.

Elias with a kick to send Baron Corbin our of the ring, Corbin ducked and safely stood on the ground. Elias went up to the top of the turnbuckle and jumped to take down Baron Corbin. Elias stepped out to lead the more hands. Baron saved himself and hit Elias into the ring post. The referee started to count. Elias got up and drove Baron into the barricade and then sent him through the announce table.

We were back into the ring after the commercial break, Elias went at the top of the ring post and tried to take out Baron but, Baron would make him slipped on the ring rope. Baron sent him out of the ring and followed him back to land some punches at the announce table. They both were back into the ring. Baron with a Closeline on Elias, Corbin got a little frustrated. He then went for back to back Closeline. baron turned for another Closeline but this time countered back with Neckbreaker, Elias with Closeline, he rode rough on Baron.

Elias went atop the ring post and jumped but Baron ducked to save himself and immediately had Spinebuster for the cover but Elias kicked out at two. A massive Chockslam and went for the cover but once again Elias had kicked out, Baron had some trash talk with Elias, he went out of the ring towards guitar and he smashed it into the ring post. Elias looked everything from the ring. Elias rolled up Baron to win the match.

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