Elimination Chamber 2020 | The Street Profits defeats Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy

Anfostar Team Mon Mar 09, 2020
Elimination Chamber 2020 | The Street Profits defeats Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy
The Street Profits headed towards the to defend their titles against Seth Rollins and Murphy. Murphy, Seth Rollins with AOP headed towards the ring. The bell rang with Seth Rollins and Angelo Dawkins started the things off, the crowd began chanting "we want the smoke" Seth Rollins went towards Muphy to make a conversation. Tag made and here came Muphy in the ring, Angelo Dawkins was taking the match in their favour, both the teams change their tags, as Seth Rollins and Montez Ford were next to be in the ring.

Montez Ford drove the match to their side. Tag made and here came Angelo Dawkins teaming up with Montez Ford to take down Seth Rollins and Muphy out of the ring. Montez Ford jumped through the top of the rope, he took Muphy back in the ring.

We saw the referee entangled with Seth Rollins and another side AOP caused destruction on Montez Ford as official did not see it. The Mic hit and here came The Viking Raiders, AOP went into the defense and both the teams went out the arena. Montez Ford was trying to tag with his teammate but every effort went under the fail, Murphy with a Duble Knee on Montez, Ford, somehow Montez Ford made the tag with Angelo Dawkins who ripped off Seth Rollins and Muphy.

Seth and Murphy got the lead in the match, Murphy landed Superkick on Angelo Dawkins, Montez Ford was on the top of the ring post who too got double Superkick as he jumped from the ring.

We saw Kevin Owens was making his way up to the ring who got popcorn in his hands, Seth Rollins headed towards him whereby Kevin Owens threw popcorn on Seth Rollins, he went wild, meanwhile, he was attacked by Montez Ford from behind. Now they captured Muphy to hit him through the barricade. Murphy was pulled back in the ring, Montez Ford went on the top of the ring post to launch his move to win the match.

Winner: The Street Profits

After the match Kevin Ownes faced off Seth Rollins in the ring who applied his move to take down Seth Rollins.

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