Eye for An Eye [Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio] Winner Prediction

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 19, 2020
Eye for An Eye [Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio] Winner Prediction
This year's The Horror Show at Extreme Rules [Originally Extreme Rules] is bringing more cinematic matches then one.

Six matches are on the line as of July 18, 2020, in which Drew McIntyre to defend his title against Dolph Ziggler, Asuka defends Raw Women's Title against Sasha Banks. Bayley to defend her title against Nikki Cross. Braun Stroman challenged Bray Wyatt for Wyatt Swamp Fight. Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio to fight off in an Eye for An Eye Match. Apollo Crews to defend US Title against MVP.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Preview July 19, 2020

The first and the foremost mindblowing match could be swaying the mind with the "Eye for An Eye" match that will be happening between Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio. Everyone from fans to superstars are in inanity or more likely in the dilemma that how dangerous this would be when the winner can only be determined by extracting the opponent’s eye.

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins will face-off at Extreme Rules in an “Eye for an Eye” match, with Mysterio vowing to pull his opponent’s eye out with bare hands as it was chosen by Rey Mysterio.

During the week's Monday Night Raw[July 6, 2020] episode on KO Show, Rey Mysterio came up issuing a match teaming up with Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins & Murphy.

Rey into with a Frog Splash for the cover to win the match. After the match, Rey took the mic and chooses An Eye for an eye match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Now, Rey Mysterio will take on Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

According to the many wrestlers, this match is considered to be the most dangerous match in which the opponent would try pull his opponent’s eye out with bare hands. This match is talk of the town for the time being. So, this could be the reason to beef up this year's The Horror Show At Extreme Rules.

According to the predictions from Anfostar, we are picking Seth Rollins as the winner of the match.

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