FIBA 3X3 Women World Cup 2022 Winner

Anfostar Team Mon Jun 27, 2022
FIBA 3X3 Women World Cup 2022 Winner
France became the Winner of the 7th FIBA 3X3 Women's world cup by 16-13. For the first time, France won the final. It was full joy moment for the France player.

The final match of the world cup was played on 26 June, between Canada and France. France players beat the Canadians and got the crown of the winner. Marie-eve Paget, Laetitia Guapo, Myriam Djekoundade, and Hortense Limouzin played for France and Kacie Bosch, Katherine Plouffe, Michelle Plouffe, and Paige Crozon played for Canada. Jasmina Juras(SRB) and Yuyen SU(TPE) were Referees for the game.

Myriam made the first point for France, and continuously the second and third point was also taken by the France team. In the middle of the game, France was ahead by 7-5. At 4:32 min France got a free throw because of the foul and took one point and also got one in 3rd second. And in the end, France won the final by 16-13.

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