Fans Predictions On Renee Young Teasing Big Announcement This Week

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jul 01, 2020
Fans Predictions On Renee Young Teasing Big Announcement This Week
Renee Young is going to reveal this coming Wednesday (1 July) what we have been teased by her big fat announcement.

WWE broadcaster Renee Young teased on twitter that she is going to have a big announcement unveiled this Wednesday Right after she found positive for the Coronavirus.

Toady she was also spotted enticing the fans via Twitter Oh, man! My news is tomorrow! Eeeeeepppppp! I just sent a v important email", as she wrote on her twitter.

The fans are having been in dilemma that what could be the right announcement from Renee Young.

Many have even predicted spilling out their own notions that She might be joining AEW or she is pregnant. A fan of her predicted that "She recovered from COVID 19, She is pregnant, She is going back to Canada". Denying back all the predictions she wrote "Lol sadly none of the above. But it’s still good!".

As you can go through observing below in the tweet that how she mentioned about a Very important which is defiantly leaving everyone out of control to wait out until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, The rumors says that WWE is disappointed over Renee Young's declaration for which she tested positive for COVID-19.

But according to us, this is not something going to be affirmative. In the facts, others including Kayla Braxton, Jamie Noble, and Adam Pearce also shared their results publicly. If it's so then none of the above would dare to share it publicly.

Below are some top tweets that try to put a face of a predicator.

Stu Bennett also jumped to have the tweet which says "The JBL & Cole (Renee) Show is making a return?!?!".

Renee Young came forward to reply back, "It could only ever be reprised with some BNB! Which I’m totally open to.....but you went and became a big movie star!".

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