Finn Bálor Vs. Cameron Grimes Full Recap(June 10, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 11, 2020
Finn Bálor Vs. Cameron Grimes Full Recap(June 10, 2020)
Cameron Grimes made his way to the ring to face off Finn, Balor walked down to the ring.

The bail rang, and we saw Finn taking rough on Cameron Grimes, Finn got a shot from Cameron Grimes but right after, Finn a dropkick to take him down. Cameron Grimes once again got on Finn with some shots, now Finn with a grip on Cameron Grimes, he tried to break up the hold and finally he did it.

Cameron Grimes, with a chop shot on FinnCameron Grimes, but soon Finn would have chops to take Cameron Grimes down. Finn with hard-hitting streak Face first Finn with a Dropkick, Cameron Grimes went out of the ring, Finn also followed him back and sent him through the barricade, Finn sent him back the ring, Finn entered the ring but had a sudden attack from

Commercial Break***

After the break, Cameron Grimes was all focused taking on Finn, he had some trash-talking regarding Finn, we saw Finn emerging again into the ring with a Slingblade and then a Drop Kick to take down, Cameron Grimes, he went for the cover but kicked out at two, Cameron Grimes advanced in the match, he went up to the turnbuckle to drop Finn. He went for the cover, 1,2... and kicked out, Cameron Grimes continued to dominate the match for a while as Finn soon got the lead in the match.

Finn with his finishing move to win the match.

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