Full List For 30-woman Royal Rumble 2020 Match

Anfostar Team Sun Jan 26, 2020
Full List For 30-woman Royal Rumble 2020 Match
Welcome to Anfostar_For the third year in competition, 30 female Superstars will brawl to get the World Championship match. the right spot at Wrestlemania. The most boost-thrilling math in WWE his history is around the corner which will take place on Jan 26 with no excuses. It's like one-coming second-going. The game prevails the most challenging for the first contender who has gotta face 29 superstars to sustain himself in the ring.

The two participants and Superstars enter the ring at equal pauses. The battle to get a chance for taking on WWE Champion at WrestleMania continues until all 30 enters the ring. Elimination happens when a Superstar is delivered over the top rope, and both of his feet hit the floor and the last standing superstar wins the Royal Rumble.

Sofar charlotte Flair is the first Superstar to declare for the over-the-top-rope spectacular. Last week Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, and Saron Logan were also put in this. Carmella and Dana Brooke are the next to declare

Below are the sofar declared entrance for Women’s Royal Rumble

1. charlotte Flair(Raw)

2. Alexa Bliss(SmackDown)

3. Nikki Cross(SmackDown)

4. Sarah Logan(Raw)

5. Natalia(Raw)

6. Carmella(SmackDown)

7. Dana Brooke(SmackDown)

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