Goldberg Becomes The New Universal Champion on Super ShowDown

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 27, 2020
Goldberg Becomes The New Universal Champion on Super ShowDown
Goldberg was the first to enter the ring, The Fiend had the entry for the second spot in the match to lay down his championship against Goldberg, the bail rang and they both got introduced, Goldberg was not taking his eyes off to The Fiend, they confronted each other to the very close, Goldberg took the sudden massive Spear on The FIend and went for the cover but he kicked it very soon, The Fiend suddenly launched Mandible CLaw on Goldberg but Goldberg eared the survival to invent multiple Spears on The Fiend, but nothing affected The Fiend as he got up for the instant jolt and gripped Goldberg into Mandible CLaw, Goldberg got the cheer to hook off the lock and he went for Jackhammer on The Fiend to win the match.

Winner : Goldberge, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Goldberg went on the top rope to celebrate the victory, suddenly he realized the presence of The Fiend behind his back but The Fiend was gone with the lights off and that's how Super ShowDown went off the air.

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