Hanuman in Buddhism

Anfostar Team Fri Nov 11, 2022
  Hanuman in Buddhism
Hanuman in Buddhism

Hanuman appears with a Buddhist glow in Tibetan (southwest China) and Khotani (west China, central Asia and northern Iran) versions of the Ramayana.

The Khotani versions have themes similar to the Jataka tales, but are generally similar to the Hindu texts in the story and character of Hanuman. The Tibetan version is more graceful, and without attempts to incorporate Jataka glitter.

In addition, in the Tibetan version, novel elements such as Hanuman holding a love letter between Rama and Sita appear, apart from the Hindu version in which Rama sends Sita a wedding ring with him as a message.

Furthermore, in the Tibetan version, Rama asked Hanuman to be with him more often than not through letters, implying that the monkey-messenger and warrior is a learned being who can read and write.

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