"He Has Not Reached The Level Of Roman Reigns" - WWE Veteran Makes Important Statement On The Future Of Fan's Favorite Superstar

Jekesh Jangir Fri Jul 28, 2023

Many wrestlers have got a big push in WWE this year.  Adding LA Knight's name to this list may not be fair, but he has received tremendous support from the crowd over the past few months.  Along with this, he has also become very popular on social media. Now veteran wrestler Ric Flair has compared Knight to Roman Reigns. 

Fans have been raising the demand for a push for Knight for a long time.  Now in a recent Fox News interview, Ric Flair discussed L.A. Night, saying:

The most wonderful thing he did, I don't know if he rehearsed it or not.  But when he told The Undertaker that according to Joe Rogan today's wrestlers are weak, that thing won my heart.  I hope that he would have said that by making himself up.  I love nights."

Flair continued, saying that Knight has not yet reached the level of Roman Reigns.  They said:

 “He hasn't reached the level of Roman Reigns, but he has definitely started on that path. He could be a profitable deal for the market. Sometimes you just have to find the right opponent and the right moment.  When he taunted The Undertaker, I became a fan of his.

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