Heath Slater Closes One Chapter Of His Ccareer

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 07, 2020
Heath Slater Closes One Chapter Of His Ccareer
Heath Slater fought off his last match last night on Monday Night Raw against Drew McIntyre. Dolph Ziggler's attempt to mess with Drew McIntyre's mind using Heath Slater backfired as the WWE Champion stood tall with his friend in the ring on Raw.

This would probably be the last appearance for Heath Slater as he explained during the backstage talk.

"Just something that had to be done", Heath Slater said this. "You know, me and Drew we go way back. He is a brother of mine and he promised me something. You know what I wanted it, you know, so I confronted him and thank God it happened".

"But then again, you know, it's he's the man he's on he's a champ. He's my best friend a brother inside and outside the ring pretty sure he still loves me after he helped me up and get me a hug. I hope anyway because he's a bad dude. But no, this was a nice closing of a chapter, So, let's see what the future brings for me".

As noted Heath Slater is hyped for his Impact wrestling debut on July 18, 2020, which will be the day of Impact Slammiversary pay-per-view.

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