Hindu calendar

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Hindu calendar
On the basis of calculations, there are three sections of the Hindu calendar - first lunar based, second constellation based and third sun based calendar system. It is believed in different forms all over India.

There are 12 months in a year. There are two Pakshas of 15 days in each month - Shukla and Krishna. Each year there are two trajectories In the signs of these two ions, 27 constellations keep on moving.

The practice of keeping a year of 12 months and a week of 7 days started from Vikram Samvat. The account of the month is kept on the motion of the sun and the moon.

These 12 zodiac signs are the twelve solar months. Sankranti occurs on the day the Sun enters the zodiac. The months have been named on the basis of the constellation in which the Moon is on the full moon day.

The lunar year is 11 days 3 clock 48 moments shorter than the solar year. That is why every 3 years a month is added to it which is called 'Adhik Maas'. According to this, a year is divided into twelve months and each month has thirty days.

The month is divided into two Pakshas i.e. Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha based on the decrease and increase of phases of the Moon. A side takes about fifteen days or two weeks. there are seven days in a week. A day is called Tithi, which ranges from nineteen hours to twenty-four hours depending on the calendar.

The day is divided into twenty four hours as well as eight pahars. One watch is of three hours. There are about two clocks in an hour, a moment is about half a minute and a moment has twenty-four moments. According to the watch, there is a day of four hours and a night of four hours.

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