'I Want, What I Want' Dana White Gives His Statement On Jon Jones

Jitendra Jangir Sun May 31, 2020
'I Want, What I Want' Dana White Gives His Statement On Jon Jones
Yesterday, Jon Jones banged UFC President Dana White for lying about his interaction for a super fight against Francis Ngannou. ‘Bones’ termed it 'interesting' to watch his boss lie to the camera. Later, in another tweet, he turned it as absolute bulls**t.

Next, the UFC President’s latest comments indicate that it may be ‘Bones’ who is misleading the fans.

Replying to a journalist in UFC Fight Night: Woodley vs Burns Post-fight Press Conference, Dana White said, "What do you do, what do you believe It's up to you guys". What I live for Do I gain and lying about it, why would I lie doesn't matter".

Dana said, "You know what I mean you know obviously he is fired up right now and he had a great talk yesterday with with "Hunter" my lawyer, whose you know, he is really close to John Jones and likes him and they have a good relationship and they had a good talk yesterday but it is what it is, I really don't care, I could care less to be honest with you," Dana White said this

Speaking to other journalists who asked him that If they had a good talk a positive thought not. Dana said, "Ya they had a good talk, a good talk yesterday, those guys are tight, John Jones and I always had this, you know I am always looking at what John Jones could have been, you know could have been he could have been the LeBron of the sport, he could have been".

He said "Laterally that big you know that stuff he has been through to show up and think you do know. Basically, demand of 15M dollars or twenty million dollars or thirty so It's crazy so you can do whatever he wants to do against it out he can, you can fight, you can wherever you know, you know how these words".

"You guys know, I am John Jones can say whatever he wants publicly, it says is god-given right here in America, you can say whatever he wants when he is ready to come back and fight, he can".

Dana White further went on to explain that "being the greatest of the all-time does not mean you get thirty million dollars being able to sell. John Jones had done a lot of things to himself and he says and one of his tweets, he was saying that I tarnished his eye, tarnished you, you have done a very good job of tarnishing you. Now I have not done that and you know Hunter told them I will walk in, you can come in here and walk through the numbers".

I will walk you all through the numbers he is, I don't give a what Fu**K the numbers are, I want, what I want that's it.

Dana White also talked about the financial to make a little sports back.

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