I don't want to work" - Hall of Famer denied the possibility of returning to WWE, gave a big statement

Jekesh Jangir Wed Jul 05, 2023
I don't want to work

Several former WWE stars have returned to the company in recent times.  Some of these stars are seen in backstage roles, while some stars have also made in-ring returns.  In this episode, now former WWE Champion Kevin Nash was asked if he would like to return to WWE, to which he gave a very interesting answer.

Recently in his podcast Kliq, he talked about WWE return.  During this, he said that he does not want to return to WWE right now.  Regarding his return, he said,

I don't want to work now.  I am 64 years old.  I have to show my wife Germany now.  After this we also have to go to Italy for some time.  I've always been a bad husband, but now I want to take my wife to places she wants to go.  If I come back, they'll fire me in two weeks and I'll call it bullshit."

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