Inury Report On Elias After King Corbin's Brutal Attack On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Thu Apr 02, 2020
Inury Report On Elias After King Corbin's Brutal Attack On SmackDown
Welcome to Anfostar)- *Elias’ condition has gone unresolved for his WrestleMania match against King Corbin after last Friday’s brutal fall on SmackDown. There have been no further clear reports on Elias that whether he would be performing at WrestleMania or not?

It's just 2 days more away from the big fall of the event WrestleMania 36 when it captures the attention for historical two night for the first-time.

As we saw how Baron Corbin came to interrupt Elias while he was high above the stage. Baron Corbin threw him down which caused him a sure injury.

Now it is learned that Elias was taken To Medical Facility After Being Attacked By Baron Corbin and will be receiving recovery for the very soon.

Earlier, We were back in the ring with Elias, Baron Corbin suddenly came and attacked Elias while he was singing a song high above the announce table. Baron Corbin sent him down. The referees came across to take out Elias from there.

Michael Cole was over there to say that what we saw earlier Baron Corbin attacking Elias. After the destruction, Elias was taken to a local medical facility.

Rob Gronkowski's wish to see Baron Vs. Elias at WrestleMania has come true, Now it's official that they will meet one-on-one in singles.

Several's of things growling around the mind to know the right call for Elias as he is getting recovered.

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