Injury Report On Edge following Randy Orton’s Attack On Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 28, 2020
Injury Report On Edge following Randy Orton’s Attack On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Last night Edge made his first appearance on Raw after 9 years of a long time, he made his way out in the ring in the celebration mood but was attacked by his RKO Partner Randy Orton who targeted Edge’s surgically-repaired neck with continues steel chair strikes. Following the destruction, Edge was taken out of the Arena By local medical facility while, escorting him in the hospital there serval superstars who helped Edge to rush to local Medical Facility.

Last Night Randy Orton offered to reunite with old RKO tag-team Edge, fans chanted yes!! Edge got his favor to be in RKO again but something unbelievable came out when Randy Orton turned to be savage for him as he launched RkO on his own friend Edge. Fans started booing over him but he continued to make his attack on him. he brought a steel chair and hit Edge form his back.

He fenced Edge's face into that steel chair and went on the top of the ring post to jump on a settled chair, whole WWE Universe chanted NO!! No!! he stopped himself from doing so but it was more dangerous when he went down to bring one more chair and placed his head on that another one chair and hit Edge ring front of his face. Fans chanted you are an as..le.

However, there has been no strong reports that to what extent he has gotten to be injured but according to the vicious back to back neck strikes from Randy Orton he may have witnessed neck injury which was the previous reason to leave WWE.

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