Is Brock Lesnar will fight against Cody Rhodes at Summerslam 2023?

Jekesh Jangir Thu Jul 13, 2023
Is Brock Lesnar will fight against Cody Rhodes at Summerslam 2023?

Rivalry of Both Superstars is running from the months and nowadays Cody Rhodes is looking so Enthusiastic to fight against Brock Lesnar in upcoming few days before Summerslam 2023. On Another side Brock is ready to Break Cody in Upcoming few days before Summerslam 2023. 

In Upcoming Summerslam 2023, there are maximum chances for this Match to happen at Main Event. According to the reports, this is the last match that would happen at Summerslam of this ongoing Controversy. Because stretching on thing for longer is not good, it creates lack of excitement in fans, when they watch one thing again and again for many days.

But, this Grand Finale of this Superstars at Second Grand Event of Wwe after Wrestlemania and that is Summerslam 2023 is going to held in a Dangerous way. Because Behavior of Brock to Beat his opponent is Big Bad.

He don't have control on himself after he started fighting and according to his Bad History he will definitely do something Dangerous to his opponent. On Another side Cody Rhodes is also a strong player and in recent fight he beaten Brock and the face of Brock is full of blood, and this is rare thing we seen about Brock and Cody was did this.

According to this, if this segment will held than fight of Both Superstars will held in a Dangerous Way in Main Event on Summerslam 2023. 

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