Is Roman Riegns will fight against Cody Rhodes in Wwe Summerslam 2023

Jekesh Jangir Wed Apr 12, 2023
Is Roman Riegns will fight against Cody Rhodes in Wwe Summerslam 2023

In Wrestlemania 39 Roman Reigns was fight against Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns win that match, but he was win that match with the help of Solo sikao. Yes, as you watched the match Roman Reigns win that match because of doing some cheating.

Nowadays the Discussion for Summerslam is being going on, that who will be the opponent of Roman Riegns. Because Roman Reigns is one of the Biggest champion of the Wwe and company wanted a Ultimate Superstars against Roman Reigns and also wanted the show will be full of Action, entertainment and Controversial Spicy drama.

Company wanted ultimate opponent against Roman Reigns and like that wanted other Big matches. Because Summerslam is also a Big event of Wwe like Wrestlemania. So a Wwe legend name called Booker - T saying that he wanted only Cody Rhodes against the Wwe Superstar Roman Riegns Riegns in upcoming Big event Summerslam 2023.

This Summerslam is going to held in the month of August and Many Wwe fans wanted for Cody Rhodes that company should gave him a rematch against Roman Reigns. 

Booker-T said:-

"I don't want to see Roman Reigns wrestling with anyone. I want him to have a fight with Cody Rhodes."

Stay tuned to get info about upcoming Big Events 

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