"It's Called Creating A Legacy" - Former WWE Superstar Praises The Bloodline

Jekesh Jangir Sun Jul 16, 2023

The group has been a staple of WWE programming since the formation of The Bloodline nearly three years ago.  During this, the works of Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman have been liked by everyone. 

Former WWE Women's Champion Naomi has expressed her opinion about the success of this group. The credit for the success of Bloodline does not go to the members of this group only.  Stars who are with or against the bloodline have also helped this faction reach the top. 

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes are the main names in this.  At present, the civil war between the bloodline members continues. Bloodline has impressed many people in the wrestling industry with their work, including Naomi, former WWE Women's Champion and wife of Jimmy Uso. 

In a recent interview with Wrestlesphere, she has praised The Bloodline Group and her husband.  They said,

 “When I think of legacy, I look to my husband for the great work he is doing and his continued achievement. All of those people have come together as a great people for tag team wrestling.  Have you ever changed your mind about WrestleMania? Do you know that there was a time when people thought that a tag team match could not main event WrestleMania. If you can change people's minds with your work, talent and contribution, that's what I think.  To create a legacy."

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