It would be a big mistake for Roman Reigns to lose against him" - The veteran's statement about the 6 foot 5 inch tall WWE Superstar

Jekesh Jangir Thu Jul 13, 2023
It would be a big mistake for Roman Reigns to lose against him

WWE Superstar Damian Priest is the 2023 Men's MITB briefcase holder.  There is a possibility that Damian Priest could become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion by cashing in his MITB contract on Roman Reigns.  However, Vince Russo believes that doing so would be a big mistake.

Vince Russo recently talked about Damian Priest's MITB contract cashing in on Writing with Russo.  They said-

It is difficult because it takes a great superstar to defeat Roman Reigns.  And, I don't think it will be someone (Damien Priest) who has been given 50-50 bookings in the past.  I think it should be someone who is growing in stature in the company. 

They come, they've been successful for a long time, that sort of thing.  It has to be someone they have a lot of investment in, even as the next guy to beat Roman Reigns.  It should be of that level.

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