Jagannath Temple Structure

Anfostar Team Tue Nov 15, 2022
Jagannath Temple Structure
Jagannath Temple Structure

The large area of ​​the temple is spread over 400,000 square feet (37,000 m2) and is surrounded by a boundary wall. This temple is one of the grandest monuments of India, replete with astonishing use of Kalinga style temple architecture and crafts.

The main temple is of curvilinear shape, on the top of which Vishnu's Shri Sudarshan Chakra (wheel of eight saws) is adorned. It is also called as Nilachakra. It is made of Ashtadhatu and is considered very sacred and holy.

The main structure of the temple is built on a 214 ft (65  m) high stone platform. Inside, the idols of the main deities are installed in the inner sanctum. This part is more dominant than the other parts that surround it.

The pyramidal roof of the encircled temple and the adjoining pavilion have grown higher as it approaches the main temple of Attalikar. It is made up of a group of smaller hills, then smaller mounds encircling a mountain.

The main marhi (building) is surrounded by a 20 ft (6.1  m) high wall and another wall encloses the main temple. A majestic sixteen-sided monolithic pillar stands right in front of the main gate. Its gate is guarded by two lions.

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