Jeff Hardy Covers Sheamus With Urine Sample On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Sat Jun 13, 2020
Jeff Hardy Covers Sheamus With Urine Sample On SmackDown
Jeff Hardy and Sheamus were set for a controversial segment this Friday Night on SmackDown. Both the superstars are feuding with a long time on the line and now they have finally got things turned up to settle the score at WWE Backlash. We made the prediction that they both will collide at WWE Backlash.

The show kicked off with Jeff Hardy In the ring. Jeff Hardy met in the ring with Renee Young to moderate them whereby Jeff confronted by Celtic Warrior - but also a man in a lab coat and four security guards. The segment saw Hardy accusing Sheamus of trying to ruin his life, while The Celtic Warrior seeks "assurances" ahead of their match, demanding that his opponent takes a urine test as he refuses to compete against a "junkie" - adamant Jeff failed".

After, this Sheamus had some trash-talking with Jeff trying to taunt him. Meanwhile, Hardy thew the urine sample in the former WWE Champion's face!.

Sheamus flipped the contract signing table over in the ring as he looked furious. Sheamus was in the backstage bathroom washing off his mouth. The doctor came back in to inform him that the test was negative for any substances, making the Backlash match official.

Later, they both were even spotted taking a hard brawl backstage. The officials came to make them apart.

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Image Credit: WWE

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