Jeff Hardy Returns In-Ring Action Against Sheamus On SmackDown

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
Jeff Hardy Returns In-Ring Action Against Sheamus On SmackDown
jeff his back to ring with our predicted opponent Sheamus. They are not done here but will go to make their match at Money In The Bank.

We were back into the ring with Renee Young in the ring. She went on to welcome Jeff Hardy. The music hit and we saw Jeff walking out In the ring. Renee Young asked him that after all he has achieved is enough or he has left something to do. Jeff said he still can hear the voice of the audience into this head because it is stuck to his mind. He then went on to say that he wants to stick with you one more time. He further mentioned Sheamus saying that Sheamus was going to interrupt me but he seems to be nowhere, he then called out Sheamus.

The Music and we welcome Sheamus at the top of the apron. Sheamus had some trash talk. Sheamus said Jeff may have had every title and had the fans but they're tired of all his suspensions, they're tired of the releases, the no-shows, and the wasted chances. Sheamus went on to say that recent video package made Sheamus wonder how many false comebacks a man can have before we realize he's never coming back.

Then Sheamus headed towards the ring to take on Jeff Hardy. Sheamus climbed on the apron where Jeff had attack with a massive hand and then a Twist of Faith. Sheamus tried to get back in the fight but Jeff was quit enough to make the charge, Jeff Hard climbed at the top of the ring post and launched The Swanton Bomb take out Sheamus.

Jeff left the ring while Sheamus was in the ring staring at Jeff Hardy.

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