Kailas (temple), Ellora

Anfostar Team Sat Nov 19, 2022
Kailas (temple), Ellora
Kailas (temple), Ellora

Kailasa (temple) is a unique structure of its kind in the world which was built by King Krishna (I) (757-783 AD) of the Rashtrakuta dynasty at Malkhed. It is located in Ellora (District Aurangabad) in the Layan range.

Like other Layans, Kora has gone from inside, from outside the entire mountain has been carved like a statue and given the form of a Dravidian style temple. In its totality, this temple is 276 feet long, 154 feet wide and has been built by cutting only one rock.

It is constructed from top to bottom. During its construction, an estimated 40,000 tons of stones were removed from the rock. For its construction, first the block was separated and then this mountain block was cut from inside to outside and a 90 feet high temple was built.

Inside and outside the temple is full of idol-decorations. There were rows of cells on three sides of the courtyard of this temple, which was connected to the upper section of the temple by a bridge. Now this bridge has fallen.

There is a Nandi in the open mandap in front and huge elephants and pillars are made on both sides of it. This work is a wonderful example of the skill of Indian architects.

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