Karma Yoga of Gita

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Karma Yoga of Gita
Karmayoga of Gita

Karmayoga has been described in great detail in the Gita.

In Indian philosophy, Karma is considered the cause of bondage. But in Karmayoga, that form of action has been described which is not the cause of bondage. Yoga means attainment of equanimity (samatvam yoga uchyate).

Equating the balance between accomplishment and failure, success and failure is called equanimity. Yoga also has another meaning.

That is the skillful execution of actions (yoga: karmasu kaushalam).

It means to act in such a way that it does not create bondage.

Now the question is, which actions create bondage and which do not? According to the Gita, those actions which go for God with a selfless spirit, do not create bondage.

They are helpful in attaining the supreme state of salvation.

In this way, doing work for God without the fruits of karma and attachment is actually Karmayoga and by following it one attains Abhyudaya and Nishreyas.

According to the Gita, Karmayoga is more preferable than taking sannyas from actions or renouncing them.

One does not attain siddhi or the supreme state by merely relinquishing one's actions.

Man does not live even for a moment without doing action.

All ignorant living beings are subjected to action, being controlled by these three gunas, Sattva, Raja and Tama, born of nature.

Even if a man does not act outwardly and does not indulge in objects, he contemplates them with his mind. Such a person is said to be a fool and a liar. It is necessary for a human to do Karma.

Without it, even the survival of the body is not possible. Lord Krishna himself says that he has no duty in the three worlds. They do not have to get any unclaimed thing.

Yet they continue to engage in karma. If they do not act, then humans will also become inactive by following the path shown by them.

Due to this there will be a lack of works to be done for the condition of the people, as a result of which all the subjects will be destroyed. Therefore even a self-knowledgeable man, who has become free from the bondage of nature, should always continue to work.

Just as an ignorant man acts with the desire to obtain results, similarly a self-knowledge should act without attachment to the collection of the people.

Thus only a person endowed with self-knowledge, according to the Gita, can be a true karma yogi.

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