Karrion Kross Challenges Adam Cole For NXT Championship

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 11, 2020
Karrion Kross Challenges Adam Cole For NXT Championship
We are heading to another Title match possibly taking place between NXT Champion Adam Cole Verus Karrion Kross.

However, Karrion Kross did not appear on tonight's NXT episode but he instead he sent Scarlett Bordeaux on the show just after Adma Cole defeated Lumis. Scarlett Bordeaux walked down to the ring with an hourglass to make the response to Adam Cole which apparently pretended to have a title shot against Adam Cole.

Later, Karrion Kross would make the response by writing "yes" on twitter with want went through during tonight's show.

Karrion Kross has been showing some incredible showdown since his return to NXT, the one he showcased against Tommaso Ciampa at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

While, Adam Cole continues to make his title longest-ever with back to back title defense. He defeated Dream at NXT Takeover: In Your House and now he will possibly be defending the title against Karrion Kross.

As you can see the post-show video which made Adam Cole into speak about his apponents for NXT Title.

Undisputed Era were backstage, Roderick Strong was looking desperate with Lumis who keeps staring him down.

"I've been thinking about a lot of stuff and obviously dealing with Dexter has been a major priority," Cole said. "But now, guys, I've got a lot of people gunning for my NXT Championship. I've got Finn Balor talking trash, Keith Lee trying to get in my face, and now what, Karrion Kross going out and leaving like a---what's that thing called? With the sand? Bobby Fish meanwhile, tired to explain the things Adam said, Whatever, this weird clock.

"And they're trying to prove something to me like I'm going to be afraid. It's like they forget that I am the greatest NXT Champion there has ever been. I've had this title for over a frickin' year. Nobody can beat me, I don't care if it's 3-on-1. Nobody can beat me. I'm the greatest. I'm the greatest," Adam Cole said this.

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