Kayla Braxton Deactivates Her Twitter Account

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
Kayla Braxton Deactivates Her Twitter Account
Kayla Braxton announces that she is taking a Hiatus From Twitter for the time and she then went on to deactivate her Twitter account. As of now her twitter has been deactivated which is why the tweet she wrote is unavailable now.

But shortly after deactivating her she wrote, "It's been an emotionally taxing several weeks so I'm going to take a little hiatus from social media. In the meantime, be safe. Be healthy. And please, be kind,"

Recently, WWE air personality Kayla Braxton revealed on social media that she has the coronavirus for the second time. She revealed that she first came into the touch of COVID-19 back in March, and now has it again.

Now, Kayla Braxton will not be able to interview for SmackDown tapping in order to resist other WWE Superstars to effect with Coronavirus. However, Kayla Braxton has not moved on from her Instagram account, she is still active there.

Apart from this Renee Young has also taken way off the twitter for the time being to feel better However, she is still active on twitter but possible have singed out and wherever, she is ready, will be back.

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Image Credit: WWE

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