Keith Lee Tells His Own #Speakingout Story On Social Media

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jun 24, 2020
Keith Lee Tells His Own #Speakingout Story On Social Media
A Few hours ago The North American Champion Keith Lee shared his own #Speakingout story during the #Speakingout Movement. In the story he tried to explain that anyone can be a victim and that is the reason why he stopped drinking

Below is the full story.

"#SpeakingOut I am going to share a story with you that very, VERY few know. I am watching friends and associates #SpeakOut. I am noticing how much strength it is taking for them to bring forth their stories. I shall share one of my own. I cannot lock down the time frame because of how hazy it was for me. However, I was living in TX still during this time. Perhaps 2016 or 2017. I was in Dallas for an event, or maybe just to visit family. Afterwards, I went to an old bar I would sometimes visit and sing at. It had been some time, so I was unfamiliar with the atmosphere".

"But the vibe of the music kept me interested. Eventually I got to sing a song. Afterward, a young lady asked to sit with me. I was alone so I did not mind and welcomed her. We went on to talk about the beauty of music and books. Random philosophies on life. It truly was a ple-.nt conversation. I am often told I am..•uiivious....when".

"someone is interested in me. And I would have to concur as I did not realize the interest until she blatantly expressed it. To which I declined as I was taken at the time. She was disappointed, but still pleasant. She would continue to make passes throughout the night, citing all that she wanted to do to me. I politely declined and explained I enjoyed the company, but that chat could not continue. I then offered to buy her a drink as an apology before I headed to the restroom. She declined and said that she'd buy me one because she enjoyed my song so much, that I could go ahead for the bathroom".

"I expressed gratitude and went to put in a song before heading for the restroom. I would return to fresh drinks. We'd continue discussing the types training I do. I'd try to get her to sing, but she would act shy and decline, saying she enjoyed listening to others, but didn't want attention on her. I even offered help with "Bohemian Rhapsody." It's kind of my go to when people are nervous about karaoke. I try to be inviting. And that sing is pure fun!".

"'s right around here things become extremely fuzzy for me. No matter how much I rack my brain, all I find myself able to recall is struggling to make it to the stage...and stumbling toward a car. After that.....l recall waking up naked in a hotel room (l don't even recall if it was my own room), confused and in a panic. I was fortunate enough to have my essentials such as wallet and phone. But...who knows what all I lost To this day....l know not what happened. I have tried to forget about it ever since....But I tell this story, so people understand. Anyone can be a victim. ANYONE. It is why I randomly stopped drinking. And why it remains such a rarity to this day".

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