Keith Lee(c) Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Finn Bálor Full Recap(June 24, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Thu Jun 25, 2020
Keith Lee(c) Vs. Johnny Gargano Vs. Finn Bálor Full Recap(June 24, 2020)
We were next up for the main event For NA Championship as well as the winner gets to have a title opportunity against Adam Cole. Johnny Gargano walked down into the ring as for the first, Finn Balor also followed the ring entrance. Keith Lee also made his appearance. The bail rang as the official made the introduction.

Johnny rolled through the bottom rope as Keith Lee and Finn fought off into the ring, Finn at the top of the ring post, Keith Lee tried to take him down but Johnny from behind to make the interference in the match as we went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, we saw Finn tried to take down both of them but Keith Lee was more dominative, Finn climbed at the back of Keith Lee, Johnny from behind to take out Finn, Now, Johnny climbed at the back of Keith Lee, Soon Finn took Johnny Down and had the same climbing. This time Keith Lee landed him through the turnbuckle while he was on the back, Keith Lee chopped down both of them.

Keith Lee took the shot on Johnny, Finn from behind with Sleeper hold, Keith Lee somehow got out of the hold, Finn and Johnny went out of the ring, Keith also followed them, Suddenly, Finn Balor with Sling Blad to take down Keith Lee, Johhny with a jump on Keith Lee, They both took the shot against Keith Lee, Finn and Johnny caught Keith and sent him through the steel stairs as we went for the commercial break.

After the break we saw, Finn was driving Johnny with his shoulder into the turnbuckle, Johhny showed a little big strength as he landed a Slingshot to Finn. Keith Lee also joined them now, Finn Balor with Slingblad and went for the move but Keith Lee appeared from the top of the apron into the turnbuckle, Keith Lee with a big drop on both the superstars.

Finn targeted Johnny, Keith Lee joined the fight, Finn with a Sleeper hold on Keith Lee, Johnny made the save and landed a DDT on Finn Balor. Johnny with his move on Keith Lee and looked to have a cover but Keith Lee rolled through the bottom rope, Johnny with a suicide dive to take down Keith Lee, Johnny with another Suicide Dive on Finn but Finn would make the save and instead sent him through the barricade.

It was the narrow escape for every superstars as they did their best to pick the winner. Keith Lee with a powerbomb to Johnny and went for the cover but Finn at the top of the ring post to launch himself, Keith slid away from there, Now, Keith Lee caught Finn for the Big Bang to win the match.

Winners : Keith Lee(c), victory followed via Pinfall

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